you need something postmarked today, but it’s too late and the post office is closed

the disney abc writing fellowship deadline was today. unfortunately, i procrastinated and arrived at post office after it closed. this has happened before with other applications and film festival submissions. in the past, i’d go down to kinko’s and fill out the fedex ground shipping label, and it would be postmarked with the day’s date. once i got in at 11:45pm, filled out the form and finished everything before midnight, no problems.

today was different. i filled out the form and paid. the clerk hands me my receipt and i start to walk away, but turn around to double check the date. the clerk attaches the label to the envelope and is about to throw it in the bin, but i ask to double check. good thing i did! it had tomorrow’s date on it. he tells me it’s after 6, so it’ll go out tomorrow. he tells me this while the fedex guy is hauling off boxes and envelopes. i say ok, it’ll go out tomorrow, but the postmark date should say today because guess what, it’s today. he says no, it’s after 6, so it has tomorrow’s date on it. this is the same fedex location i always go to. it’s even the same clerk! he tells me don’t worry, it’ll get there tomorrow. i tell him i don’t care when it gets there, but this application MUST be postmarked by today. he wouldn’t budge. i canceled the transaction and left. it was 7:30pm.

in los angeles, i think there’s only one post office that’s open late – the airport station near LAX. it’s open till 11pm monday – friday, and till 9pm on weekends. thank god!

if you get there after 6, it will be postmarked with the next day’s date. in order to get today’s postmark, you must fill out a certificate of mailing form. it costs an extra $1.15, but come on, that’s nothing for a procrastinators.

so let this be a lesson. mail these applications off early! but if you can’t, go to the post office near LAX. they close at 11pm, and the line might be long so don’t show up at 10:55.

so far, i’ve applied to these fellowships:

  • nickelodeon
  • cbs
  • cape new writers award (for asian americans)
  • nbc writers on the verge
  • disney abc

the only ones that are left are:

  • wb (only one to charge an entry fee)
  • fox (pilots only, no specs)
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7 thoughts on “you need something postmarked today, but it’s too late and the post office is closed

  1. I worked for FedEx Office and I’ve been in the same situaltion as the clerk you mentioned above. I promise that the issue wasn’t that the clerk wouldn’t budge. The system is automated, there is nothing the employees can do to change the date.

  2. I needed to have something postmarked a certain day. I purchased the shipping online through Fed Ex on the day that it was to be postmarked. This was done at home using my debit or credit card. I didn’t finished the project until three days later. I used the printed label. It worked.

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