Parks and Rec – Trump Fundraiser – schedule

I like to keep track of the time I spend writing. I just use the calendar app on my macbook.

Here’s all the time I spent to write my Parks and Rec spec in 3 weeks. I have a full time day job, so most of my writing is done on nights and weekends, and it tends to be in short bursts. I used one vacation day to stay home and write, and woke up early to write before work.



The script was really fun to write, and giving myself a tight deadline was actually helpful. I posted it online and you can read it here.

After finishing this script, I’ve moved back to my animated web series project, and another comedy pilot. I hope to finish both by the end of the year.

Parks and Rec – Trump Fundraiser – concept

I wrote a spec script for Parks and Rec, where Trump visits Pawnee to hold a fundraiser. There were 3 things that triggered the idea for this script.

  1. Trump and the election has been on my mind and causing me a lot of anxiety, as I’m sure it has for many people.
  2. I recently read the 9/11 Seinfeld spec. I thought it was a great idea for a stunt spec, and very well written.
  3. I recently started archery. Here’s the sign I passed as I went to the archery range every morning before work.

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my new spec script – day 15


I’m behind schedule. Today is day 15 of 14. I’ve been waking up early to write before work, in addition to the normal nights and weekends. I also took a vacation day last Friday to write, but I’m still not done.

Here’s my current status:

  • Act 1 – 3rd draft
  • Act 2 – 2nd draft
  • Act 3 – 1st draft

I mostly write in Scrivener, especially now that they finally have an iOS app, and only use Final Draft at the very end to export my final PDF.

I like where I’m at, it’s just taking me a little longer than I’d like.

I’d like to be done by Monday 10/3 at the latest.

my new spec script – day 11

Today is day 11 of 14.

I was hoping to finish a first draft yesterday, and start on the second draft today, but I’m a little behind schedule.

The outline took a little longer than I wanted, but I didn’t want to jump to script until the outline was solid. Specifically, I was trying to nail down the act two out. After I come up with the logline, I figure out all the act breaks.

In a 3 act script, some people refer to the end of Act 2 as the all is lost moment. Everything is building to this scene, and then Act 3 shows the aftermath and resolution of that moment, so it’s pretty important! I knew the general conflict and tone and emotion of the scene, but because it affects so many other scenes, it took me a whole day to decide on the specific details.

I have about half of the first draft done, and the rest of the script outlined, so not too terrible. I think I can still finish by Monday or Tuesday.

my new spec script – day 5

I’m trying to write a new spec script in 2 weeks, despite having a full time job and a new hobby of archery.


Today is day 5 of 14.

I have my logline for each storyline, I have a treatment, and I’m finishing up my beat sheet.

I’ll be starting my outline later today, so I’m pretty much on schedule! Even though I don’t have any pages written, no dialogue, and no jokes, all this time figuring out the story and getting to the outline is time well spent.

my new spec script – day 1

So a couple weeks ago, I got this rough idea for a spec. I wasn’t actively trying to come up with spec ideas. I’ve been busy working on my animated web series, and writing a pilot, but this idea came to me and I debated whether or not it was worth writing.

I watched previous episodes of the show to make sure my idea would fit in within the show, and it did. Hmm. Should I spend time writing a spec? Right now? I wasn’t planning on applying to fellowships, but even if I wanted to, the deadlines aren’t till May or June of next year. I have other projects to finish that I’d have to put on hold to write this spec.

But I kept thinking about the idea, and I figured it would be good practice since I haven’t written a spec in a while. So yesterday, I just decided to commit to it and write it. The caveat is I’m giving myself only 2 weeks so that I don’t feel guilty for spending too much time on it. Here’s the schedule I made for myself.  Continue reading my new spec script – day 1